Make hay while the Sun shines is an old saying. Make Power while the Sun shines is the new saying. Yes! The need of the hour- ‘Solar energy’ is the talk of the hour too. And of so many players coming in, one new name looks so promising. They are IND-AUSSIE SOLAR (P) LTD, the first modern age firm from India to collaborate with the cutting edge technologies from Australia, Europe and across Asia. Being an Australian venture establishing itself (for the 1st time) in India, Ind-Aussie Solar (P) Ltd [shortly termed as I-AS] has a lot of exciting pros to get us going. Their profound management team with 25 years of proven business values had quite a lot to say, when we met them in their office that lingered with a green mood in&out.

 “In quality they believe and they deliver what they believe. Their panels, designed and manufactured in Australia, stand out from the rest in terms of the technological edge they have over any others in India. For instance, I-AS panels yield an efficiency of 18.8% to 22%, the highest ever in the market today. And the hydro-phobic layer that their panels sport, help reducing the loss of efficiency due to dust and dirt. Many such merits are what they strive upon. They are thrilled to empower the customers with our Quality ”, said Mr.Bala K Palani, the Director of Eng. & Product development of I-AS from Australia.  

“As a member of the Australian Solar Institute (ASI), they are on a steady march with a number of research projects in pipeline to improve the efficiency of their panels even more. Very soon, we would be putting up their own R&D lab in India, the first of its kind in our country” he added with pride. 

The GM/Director - Balasubramanian, a house hold name in the HV industry for over 2.5 decades in TN, said, “I-AS is a whole new start to bring quality energy solutions to the front. They cater products with global values, suiting best to our local conditions. And they believe a happy customer is our profit, rest is all just an over head”

The Managing director GG. Kannan had a noble point to make - “Without electricity, there will be no dynamic happening in the world. And with the way the current conventional sources like Oil, Coal, etc are being depleted, they are already facing the effects of acute power shortage. They at I-AS have high regards to our Mother Nature and feel it is every one’s responsibility to preserve and present a better earth for our future generation. ”

“It is not about what you save when buying a solar system, but what you save in the long run after installing it, that counts. The current players in market have fragmented the customers with their low pricing promises. A cheaper price can obviously yield only a cheaper product. They rely on Quality in their product and service, and enthral our customers genuinely. Moreover, Solar energy is more than a commodity. It is one’s contribution to the society. As an energetic team, they are here to make a difference”, said Prem, the Marketing Manager of I-AS.

“It is important to bring the solar energy at an affordable cost to our customers and with our effective R&D plans, we are keen to make it happen” said the Finance Director Sekar. 

“With offices at Chennai & Salem, they are eyeing to expand more shortly. Their prime focus now is to get started, create happy customers and carry their word forward. That is what real business development means to us” says Ms.Kavith Sampath, the Director- Public relations.  

Well begun is half done. With their plans decked with confidence, I-AS sounds so much as a symbol of power. Wishing them all success in their endeavour ahead! To enquire, contact: Mr.Prem | +91 90955 79999