To help tackle the menace of dengue, the State health and family welfare department is recommending natural remedies.

In a government order issued on Tuesday, the department has recommended that patients suffering from viral fevers including dengue, take papaya leaf juice, malaivembu leaf juice as well as nilavembu kudineer in addition to their allopathic medications, to help cure their ailments.

These remedies, part of traditional Siddha medicine, will be made available to patients at the 1,140 Indian medical centres across the State.

“Only supportive therapy can be given to dengue patients. Research shows that the neem leaf and papaya leaf and have had remarkable results in dengue patients. This remedy also treats a number of medical problems other than viral fever,” said health secretary J. Radhakrishnan.

The order was announced by Dr. Radhakrishnan in the presence of health minister V.S. Vijay and Mayor Saidai S. Duraisamy at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (GH) on Tuesday.

District Siddha medical officers in government hospitals and primary health centres will ensure easy access to these medicines for patients to benefit from their naturally healing properties, the order said. Explaining the dosage and the procedure to make the remedy, joint director of Indian Medicine, Abdul Khader described the process of crushing the leaves to make a paste and then diluting it with water. According to the doctors, a patient suffering from dengue experiences a fall in the platelet count which the juice counters, and helps increase.

“These traditional medicines have been decided upon after close coordination with allopathic doctors,” Dr. Radhakrishnan added.

Samples of the three kinds of juices were distributed among 38 patients at four wards in GH. The patients will be given dosages of the juice twice daily.

  • A government order on Tuesday recommends natural remedies for patients

  • They will be available at 1,140 Indian medical centres across Tamil Nadu