A 12-year old Dalit girl has been forcefully taken away from her house and kept under illegal detention after her parents, both daily wage labourers, failed to pay interest to an usurer.

Chinnan (55) and Palaniammal (50) belong to the Arunthathiyar caste and hail from Nadupatti Colony near here. The couple had borrowed Rs. 20,000 from the usurer and his son-in-law ‘Note’ Selvam to conduct the marriage of their elder son in 2003.

For almost ten years, they have been paying Rs.1000 per month as interest. A year ago they were not able to pay the interest properly. The usurers abused and beat them, the couple told The Hindu here on Saturday. Fearing frequent abuses and attacks, they left the village and settled down at Gandhigramam near Alanganallur.

On February 3, the couple, along with their 12-year old daughter, a class VII student, left for Nilakkottai near Dindigul to attend a family function. The usurers came to Alanganallur in search of them and, on coming to know that they had gone to Nilakkottai, went there on February 4. When Chinnan was not there, they took away the girl and threatened to engage her in flesh trade to collect the interest dues.

It has been four days since his daughter was kidnapped and there is no news about her whereabouts, Chinnan said.

  • Couple borrowed Rs. 20,000, have been paying Rs.1000 per month as interest for 10 years

    A year ago they were unable to pay interest and to escape from abuses, attacks left village