Security guards posted at ATMs, banks, jewellery showrooms and key private/ commercial establishments, on Wednesday forwarded representations to the banks and the police administration seeking immediate steps for improving electronic surveillance on the premises of such establishments.

G. Suresh Kumar, state secretary of Tamil Nadu Security Thozhilalar Sangam, said there was a need to set up CCTV cameras outside the ATM kiosks and banks facing the street as it would help trace the identity of people who come and attack the guards before looting the money in the late/ lonely hours of the day.

“In the absence of such cameras and video footages, many of the guards have to face unnecessary hardships after looting/ robbery incidents while answering the investigating officials,” he pointed out.

Hotline facility

The security guards highlighted the demand for ‘hotline telephone’ facilities with the nearest police stations in the case of ATMs or bank branches situated in isolated places or rural areas so that alert could be triggered quickly by lifting the receiver.

In the case of big jewellery showrooms, the police should evolve steps to connect the e-surveillance gadgets set up on the premises with the police control rooms for monitoring during the night hours.

Work hours

A meeting of the members of Tamil Nadu Security Thozhilalar Sangham held here on the day had expressed displeasure over the poor wages being given to the security guards.

“Of the total workforce, only around 20 per cent are ex-servicemen. The others are solely dependent on the salaries drawn as security guards for livelihood and hence, the minimum monthly salary should be fixed at Rs. 10,000,” Mr. Suresh Kumar said.

They also asked for regularising the work hours to eight hours a day as many of them were forced to work for almost 12 hours a day.