I had booked a ticket from Chennai to Tiruchi, for travel on April 11, 2008 by Rockfort Express. I had a confirmed ticket (ticket booked on March 17, 2008), bogey No. H1, berth 2. After my boarding at Chennai Egmore, I was asked to get down and move to A/C 2T, as they had to accommodate a politician. What is this? I have paid my fair in advance; hold a valid ticket, booked three weeks in advance. But I was clearly told that I can apply and get a refund of the excess fare. Is this fair? Is this all for a bonafide passenger?

R. Goutam,

Dindigul Road.

Compensate for felled trees

It is highly appreciable that NHAI has taken up massive road widening works between Tindivanam and Tiruchi and beyond in NH-45. The immediate casualty of the widening works is the complete felling of trees that have stood for generations.

We have a High Court ruling that, for every single tree cut, the agencies should nurture about 50 trees in their place. But this ruling has been conveniently given a decent burial by the various agencies involved in the works. Who shall enforce this ruling? Whether a contempt of court writ is required to usurp the agencies out of their slumber on this issue?

V. Rajagopalan,


Maintain properly

I have come to Srirangam to visit my Grandmother for summer vacation from Chennai. On 23rd April, 2008 from 8 p.m. onwards there was a power black out in our area, South Devi Street. The power was restored only around 1.30 am on April 24, 2008. Having come to Srirangam to spend my holidays it has been a terrible experience to be without the basic amenity like electricity. I learnt that there have been two transformer bursts in our neighbourhood that caused this black out. Calls to Srirangam EB office were not answered and the line gave an engaged tone most of the time. The residents here were left in the lurch in the scorching summer heat, twice in the past 18 hours. Could not our Electricity Board authorities anticipate such transformer burn-out well in advance and keep them in their best health?

R. Rajahamsa,


Extend train’s scope

For Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam and Cuddalore districts there is no direct train connections to Ernakulam or to any part of Kerala. Lot of Christians visit Velankanni everyday and they are forced to depend on omni bus services to reach Tiruchi to board the Cochin Express. I would like to suggest that the Cochin-Tiruchi Express can be extended to Thanjavur with immediate effect and later they can introduce a new train from Chennai once the mainline BG conversion is over. Will the railway authorities consider our plea?

George Thomas,



At present only three passenger trains are being operated from Tiruchi to Tiruvarur. There are no frequent buses in the Tiruchi–Nagapattinam route and we have to change bus at Thanjavur. I request the Railways to run more trains to Tiruvarur from Tiruchi. The train No. 898 Tiruchi-Thanjavur passenger could be extended up to Tiruvarur and this will be of immense help to the people of Tiruchi and Thanjavur districts.

Nooruddin Babu,


Counselling centre

The forthcoming engineering counselling will take place at Anna University, Chennai only, as declared by the authorities. If so, it will be very difficult for the students from south Tamil Nadu to attend the sessions. I request the authorities concerned to add Tiruchi also as a counselling centre.

N. Alagappan,


Make timetable available

The festival timetable containing various festivals at Srirangam, Anbil, Tiruvellarai and Woraiyur is used to be published and sold by Renganathasamy Devasthanam, every year before or after Tamil New year’s day in April.

This year it has not so far been made available and devotees are in the dark about the date, time etc. of various festivals. It is presumed that the release is delayed as Tamil New year, according to Government order, commences only from January 14.

It would be ideal to publish this year without further delay festival details up to January 13th of 2009 and publish later details from January 14.

A. Sampath,


Provide proper service

The bus No.52 from Mainguard Gate to Muthumani Town of Senthanneerpuram is flying and the service of this bus is very good.

But the last two trips at 9.45 and 10 p.m. buses from Mainguard is not entering Senthanneerpuram and Muthumani Town and the passengers are asked to get down at the Highways Road junction of Senthanneerpuram, and this is the limit, the bus conductor said.

Even though the ticket fare of Rs.3.50 being given, every day the ladies are very much affected who were working at business centres around Tiruchi town.

I request the authorities concerned to instruct the drivers and conductors to provide better service to the public.

R. S. Raghuraman,


Token system

Last week, I had been to SBI/Tennur branch to deposit cash and was astonished to note that the automatic token issuing machine has been removed. As the token system has been withdrawn, we people have to wait for a long time in the queue. I request the authorities to re-instate the token system which will be of great help to the public.

S. S. Azizulaa,


Display correct fare

In Central Bus Stand, Rs.5 is collected towards parking charges for two wheelers, whereas in the receipt it is printed as Rs.4 only.

I request the concerned authorities to take steps to display a clear board about the charges to be collected.

P. K. Raman,

Ayyappa Nagar.

An eyesore

The railway over bridge near Melapudur is posing a threat.

There is no parapet wall or iron rails and it is an eyesore with water cum urine dripping on the passer-by under the bridge when a train passes.

The day is not far off, when a goods wagon, coach or a crowded passenger compartment will fall on the top of a moving city bus passing under the bridge.

I request the authorities concerned to do the needful, before any tragic mishap takes place.

P. David,


Unrealistic promise

The Local Administration Minister of Tamil Nadu allayed the fears of residents of Tiruchi City that only surface water from the Cauvery river near Mutharasanallur will be pumped to Rameswaram 281 km away.

But the residents of Srirangam and Tiruchi know fully well that for best part of the year, Cauvery turns dry.

So, from now onwards Tiruchi people should pray for a good monsoon in Karnataka and a benevolent government in that State.

T.M. Renganathan,


Install more dustbins

There are no adequate dustbins on the platforms in Tiruchi Railway Junction. This has forced the public to throw the wastes on the platforms.

I request the Railway authorities to take steps to install adequate dustbins in all the platforms there.

Ahmad Hussain,


Exorbitant delay

Recently a letter posted to me by a friend of mine from Vellore Christian Medical College post office in the early weeks of February, 2008 has taken nearly sixty-five days to reach Tiruchi and another letter posted from there to one of my relative at Nagercoil at the same time is yet to reach him.

With improvement of transport facilities and Vellore, Nagercoil, and Tiruchi being main cities in the State, such delays in delivering the letters show the careless nature of the postal department.

Do the authorities concerned have any explanation for this?

G. Rajesh Gopal,

O.F.T. Estate.

Post a traffic constable

In Tiruchi, the road where KMC, one of the famous hospitals is located is always choke-a-block with traffic.

Patients and public face a lot of problems due to it.

A traffic constable on rotation is a must for this area. In spite of the repeated requests to the concerned authorities by the public on this problem, no action has been taken till now.

Will the authorities concerned find a permanent solution for this?

S. Rajagopal,

OFT Estate.