To drive home the point that mutual understanding between husband and wife was vital for a successful family, Chief Minister Ms Jayalalithaa narrated a short story of a couple who overcame an embarrassing situation by sheer empathy.

A wife had prepared 12 idlis for husband. She would eat the rest after he finished. But the husband arrived with his childhood friend and wanted her to serve food to both of them.

She served them four each. Even as she was going through tense moments, her husband quickly finished eating them. As she tried to give him two more, he said: “I have enough. How can I eat more than four idlis?”

The friend, who was keen on having more idlis, did not expect this moment. When she asked whether she could serve him more idlis, he said: “Normally, I would eat only three. Today I had one more because they were so tasty.”

While going to wash their hands, the husband asked her to eat the four idlis. She wondered how her husband could know the number of idlis she had prepared without looking into the vessel.

She was happy that he saved her from an embarrassing situation.