During the recently-concluded annual exercise “Dakshin Prahar”, conducted by the Southern Air Command (SAC), Indian Air Force (IAF) Fighter Aircrafts, zoomed across the sky in Thanjavur. Two deep penetration fighter aircrafts took to the skies from the newly-constructed runway of the Air Force Station in Thanjavur.

“It is pertinent to note that this is the first-time fighter aircraft landed in this airfield in the last seven decades”, said a press release from the Air Force Station, Thanjavur, on Thursday.

Various types of aircrafts on the inventory of the IAF took part in the exercise which concluded on February 19. The participating forces included Maritime Fighter Aircraft (Jaguar), Air Superiority Fighter Aircraft (Su-30 MK), Fight Refuelling Aircraft (I2-78), Dornier, An-32 and Helicopter.