T. Ramakrishnan

2,711 MU in April-September against 10-year average of 3,070 MU

CHENNAI: Hydel reservoirs in the State recorded less inflow in the first six months (April-September) of the current financial year, compared to the 10-year-average.

Between April and September, they recorded 2,711 million units (MU), measured in terms of the possible generation of energy, whereas the 10-year average for the corresponding period was 3,070 MU, according to an official.

During the whole of 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, the inflows were 5,198 MU and 7,181 MU. The official noted that the previous year was one of the high-inflow years. This month, the hydel reservoirs, including the Mettur dam, recorded 109 million units. So far, they have generated 3,296 MU. During the whole of 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, the generation figures were 6,292 MU and 6,455 MU. [As the Mettur dam comes under the control of the Water Resources Department, its hydro power generation is governed by the department’s regulations].

Hydro generation now accounts for 10 per cent of the overall gross energy availability. In 1988-1989, its share was nearly one-fifth [3,353 MU out of 17,618 MU]. Ten years ago, it went down to around 15 per cent [4,918 MU out of 35,172 MU]. In 2007-2008, the share was around 10 per cent [6,455 MU out of 66,815 MU].

As for reservoirs under the control of the Water Resources Department (WRD), a majority of them have less storage than what they had on the corresponding day last year.

For instance, the storage figures of Mettur and Bhavanisagar are 31.1 thousand million cubic feet (tmcft) and 23.5 tmcft respectively (as on Tuesday) whereas the two dams had 78.7 tmcft and 29.2 tmcft on the same day last year.

Only four dams – Manimuthar, Krishnagiri, Sathanur and Thirumurthy – have better storage now, compared to the previous year. The storage figures of the four dams are 1.3 tmcft, 1.6 tmcft, 4.4 tmcft and 1.1 tmcft respectively, whereas the reservoirs had 1 tmcft, 1.4 tmcft, 1.3 tmcft and 0.9 tmcft in 2007.


Many areas in the formerly composite district of Thanjavur recorded moderate to heavy rainfall during the 24-hour-period that ended at 8.30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Sirkazhi and Nannilam received 3 cm each, Papanasam and Nidamangalam – 4 cm each, Thiruthuraipoondi – 5 cm, Nagapattinam and Kumbakonam – 8 cm each and Thanjavur – 10 cm.