Hundreds of people had darshan of Raahu Bhagawan at Sri Naganathaswamy Temple at Thirunageswaram near Kumbakonam, Navagraha Kshetra for Raahu, in view of Raahu Peyarchi on Monday.

Raahu Bhagawan moved from Dhanusu rasi to Viruchiga rasi at 9.48 a.m. Abishekams and sandal paste decoration was made to Raahu Bhagawan on the occassion. Raahu Bhagwan (serpent deity) is seen here with his two consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni. Milk abishekam is performed to Raahu Bhagawan by devotees in this temple. The milk turns blue, it is said. Legend has it that Raahu Bhagawan worshipped Naganathaswamy ie Lord Siva in the temple. Hence the name Naganathaswamy for the Lord. The goddess here is Girigujambika. Laksharchana will be done in view of Raahu Peyarchi festival from May 18 to May 20. In the first phase Laksharchanai was held from May 10 to May 13.

S. Ramalingam, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Sezhiyan, MLA and others visited the temple. Elaborate arrangements were made by the temple authorities for the benefit of devotees.

It is said that those who are born in Viruchigam, Dhanusu, Kumbam, Rishabam, Thulam, Mithunam and Simmam should do Pariharams.