M. Soundariya Preetha

To provide industry-friendly training

COIMBATORE: Office of the Textiles Commissioner has created a human resources cell to conduct training programmes for textile industry workers.

According to Nagesh M. Mugadur, Joint Textiles Commissioner, nearly 480 textile mills were closed in the country and 100 of them have been remaining closed for the last five years. Workers displaced from these units could be trained to work in garment and made-up units as there was a tremendous scope of employment generation in these segments, he felt.

Separate fund

He said that the idea was to train candidates in any segment of their choice - from spinning to garmenting. A separate fund would be created for the purpose. Programmes would be planned according to the needs of each textile cluster.

The office would install machinery for training, either individually or in association with the respective State Governments. It would also hire resource persons to conduct the training. Candidates would be imparted theoretical and practical training. "They will be able to start either own business or can be employed in a textile unit after the course."

Committee formed

Mr. Mugadur added that the office of the Textiles Commissioner formed a committee last month to prescribe quality standards for some specialised textiles (such as medical textiles and children's wear). It would recommend types of textiles to be covered under the quality standardisation, how to describe the markings, the manner of stamping and who should be empowered to ensure compliance.

Consumer interest

Normally, textile goods were produced according to the needs of the customers. "The programme will be industry-friendly. The aim is to protect consumer interests." The committee would submit its report in a month, he added.