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Tuticorin: Tata Steel will be hosting its 14th Lifeline Express at Nazareth railway station in Tuticorin district. The hospital on rails will start its operations from November 4, and will continue till November 10.

Patients from any part of the State can register at the Twinkle Marriage Mahal here, according to its press release.

For further information, contact your nearest Primary Health Care Centres or call 94420 68425. Lifeline Express is a collaborative effort between Impact India Foundation and Indian Railways.

The hospital on rails will be welcomed by V. Radhika Selvi, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, P. Geetha Jeevan, Minister for Social Welfare and Ms. Rani Venkatesan, MLA, Sathankulam, on November 5.

The ceremony will be graced by S. Asokan, Executive In-charge, Titania project, TATA Steel, Partha Senguptha, Vice-President Corporate Services, TATA Steel, Sathish Pillai, Chief of Sustainability Services and S.Rajamani, Head, Titania Project, TATA Steel.

Surgeries for the patients are restricted to cleft lip and post polio deformities. All other cases of orthopaedic, ENT will be given proper consultancy.

The project aims at assisting people with disabilities like post-polio deformities, hearing disorder, cleft lip and eye related disorders through necessary surgical and fitment interventions.

It will be conducted for the patients in the age group of up to 21 years.