♦ SKM. Maeilanandhan also founded the National Welfare Awareness Movement with the aim to promote the concept of Unity in Diversity, peace, awareness and patriotism among people and students in 1999. The movement contributed immensely for the Kargil relief fund (Rs. 6.5 lakh), Gujarat earthquake relief fund (Rs. 40 lakh) and Tamil Nadu Tsunami relief fund (Rs. 29 lakh) and Maharashtra Lattur earthquake relief fund. He also constructed a freedom fighters arch at his native village to mark the Quit India Movement.

♦ He also founded the Periyar Nagar Park Maintenance Trust and initiated the Clean and Green Project. The State government bestowed the award of merit 'Sutruchulal Kavalar award to Mr. Maeilanandhan.

♦ As a founder of Poultry Farmers Welfare Association in 1983, he pioneered a modern rural marketing barter system which has been widely followed by the traders now.

♦ As the president of Tamil Ilakiya Peravai Trust, he instituted the SKM Literary Awards.

♦ Recognising his contributions to the society, he received a number of awards including Lifetime Achiever Award from Rotary International, Outstanding Young Person award from Indian Jaycees, National Productivity Award and Best Income Tax Payer Award.