A joint meeting of eight trade unions in the Anupparpalayam utensils manufacturing cluster held on Monday has asked for an increase in the bonus to be disbursed to the workers during Deepavali.

A representation highlighting the demand was forwarded to the Stainless Steel Utensils Manufacturers’ Association.

K. Rangaraj of CITU said that the bonus for workers manufacturing copper and brass vessels should be increased by 5 per cent vis-à-vis from the bonus paid last year.

Similarly, the bonus of workers involved in the manufacture of stainless steel utensils should be increased by 8 per cent over the last year’s scale. S. Velusamy, secretary of Anupparpalayam Utensils Manufacturers’ Association, told The Hindu that a decision on the matter could be taken only after convening the general body of the association shortly.


In the meantime, sources among the manufacturers said that the entrepreneurs in the sector had been facing enormous functional difficulties mainly owing to the glut in the market and hence, disbursement of bonus at steeply enhanced scales would be impossible.