Over 150 entrepreneurs took part in a motivational campaign organised by MSME Development Institute, Chennai, with the Krishnagiri District Tiny Industries Association (KRIDISTIA) here on Thursday.

The particulars received from them will be screened for a loan to help them start their own venture.

The KRIDISTIA expected to get over Rs. 100 crore as loan to entrepreneurs this time. The motivational campaign was inaugurated by District Collector C.N. Maheshwaran with a self-help story. He also released a hand book brought out by the MSME Institute.

Director of Pallavan Grama Bank and KRIDISTIA President, T. Ekambavanan, said a similar campaign was organised two years ago, which got tremendous response from the entrepreneurs.

About 841 entrepreneurs were screened and were extended Rs. 23-crore as loan.

Mr. Maheshwaran called upon the entrepreneurs to start industries in and around Krishnagiri, as the Town is linked with five National Highways.

Besides this, a congenial atmosphere and climate exists here, which is favourable for starting industries.

Krishnagiri would become one of the major industrial hubs, if talented entrepreneurs came forward to setting up industries in the town, Mr. Maheshwaran said.

To start an enterprise, one should have faith in god, planning, monitoring and well-planned operation. If an entrepreneur had these qualities, he could emerge successful in his life.

The government was ready to help educated unemployed youth in many ways including extending credit, marketing support right from project preparation etc. Educated youths should come forward to start industries instead of seeking jobs in government departments, he said.

Also addressing the campaign, Mr. Ekambavanan urged the bankers not to reply on NGOs while extending loans, as entrepreneurs who depended on the NGOs continued to depend on them forever. The NGOs were amassing wealth, he said. Instead of routing through the NGOs, the banks could lend loans to poor entrepreneurs at lower rate of interest themselves, he added.

V. Krishnadoss, Lead District Manager, said over 50 mango pulp and cottage industries manufacturing coir were operating in the district.

Dr. C. Alagirisamy, Assistant Director (EI) of MSME-DI, Chennai, welcomed the gathering.

About 841 entrepreneurs were screened and were given Rs. 23-crore as loan two years ago