0452-2531116. A call to this telephone number of the Corporation at 7.32 p.m. on Wednesday was attended to immediately and the grievance heard.

S. Joseph, a corporation employee who picked up the call, explained how the public complaints system worked. Most of the calls pertain to drinking water supply and drainage issues but the Corporation will register all sorts of complaints and forward them immediately to the officials concerned in the ward, he says.

This service is available in the Corporation Commissioner’s chamber and the staff there will note down the caller’s grievance and take swift action.

“I personally monitor the complaints received and the public can contact us at any time,” says Corporation Commissioner R. Nanthagopal. According to him, people from across the city have been using this facility to file complaints. Depending on the grievance, the staff will alert the assistant engineers, junior engineers, city health wing or the engineering section for prompt action.

The callers must give details of their location, nature of complaint and contact number. The complaints can be made from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. With regard to manholes, underground drainage or bad roads, construction materials dumped on the roadside or encroachments, the public can use the facility to lodge complaints.

“We take steps to make the roads safe. Sometimes, it takes time to close the manholes because our staff would be working on the drainage system. In such a case, it will take three weeks to complete the work,” the Commissioner said. Mr. Nanthagopal has put a special team in his office for redressing public grievances and help is just a phone call away.