From August 20: Superintendent of Police Pravesh Kumar

The wearing of helmets for two-wheeler riders would be made compulsory from August 20, Superintendent of Police Pravesh Kumar has said.

According to him, it has also been decided to introduce spot fine system against the violators of traffic rules.

The police would impose a spot fine of upto Rs. 400 against the driver for over-speeding the first time and Rs. 1000 for the second time, Rs.1000 for rash driving for the first time and Rs. 2,000 for committing the crime for second time, Rs. 100 for parking vehicles in no parking areas, driving two-wheelers without helmet, driving vehicles without licence and driving two wheelers with three persons and Rs.3,000 for the second time.

Driving new vehicles without number plates is also a crime and the driver would be imposed with a fine of Rs. 2,500 the first time and Rs. 5000 for the second time.

All these new rules would be strictly enforced from August 20 and the police personnel have been asked to enforce these without any bias to ensure the ‘smooth flow as well as accident free’ traffic in the district, said the SP.