Staff Reporter

Nagercoil: Heavy rain continued to lash various parts of catchment areas in the district for the third day.

Rivers in the district including the Tamirabarani in Kuzuthurai, the Valliyar and the Pazahayar were flooded with rainwater and the district administration had imposed a ban on taking bath in Thirparappu Falls following heavy rainfall.

Inflow into all major dams has gone up and the sky remained overcast throughout the day.

A maximum rainfall of 35.2 mm was recorded at Perunchani followed by 24 mm at Chittar I, 23.8 mm at Boothapandi, 22 mm at Pechipparai, 20 mm at Chittar II, 178.2 mm at Surulode, 12.1 mm in Nagercoil and 10.8 mm at Aralvoimozhi.

The water level stood at 37.10 feet in Pechipparai dam, 35.80 feet in Perunchani, 6.40 feet in Chittar 1, 6.49 feet in Chittar II and 2.90 feet in Poigai dam.