: The Madras High Court bench here has ordered notice to the Dindigul police on a habeas corpus petition filed by a 46 year-old-man, alleging that his minor daughter was abducted a few days ago.

Petitioner V. Chelliah, a resident of Dhanalakshmi Nagar near Athoor, stated that his 17-year-old daughter, who is pursuing B.Sc computer science at a college in Natham, had gone missing from her college hostel since March 15 this year. Mr Chelliah went to the college hostel on March 17 to meet his daughter. But the college authorities informed him that all the students were sent home on March 15 following the unrest and strikes over the Sri Lankan issue. “It is an usual practice (for the college management) to allow students to leave the hostel only after obtaining the signature of the parents. This time, the college management allowed them to leave the hostel without being accompanied by the parents”, the petitioner contended.

On March 18, Mr Chelliah approached the Chinnalapatti police to register a complaint. “The complaint I lodged with the police was thrown into the dust-bin. The special sub-inspector told me that my daughter would have eloped with someone. He also advised me to lodge a complaint with the Natham police”, Mr Chelliah claimed.

In his petition, Mr Chelliah has apprehended that one T. Velmurugan from Chinnalapatti would have forcibly abducted his daughter from the college. He also named four others, besides Mr Velmurugan, as respondents in the case. Theywould have abducted his daughter to get her married to Mr Velmurugan against her wishes, eyeing his property, he alleged.