Aram Foundation charitable trust will soon launch the ‘Happy Child’ project in 83 Coimbatore Corporation schools. A release from the organisation says that 24,170 students from Class I to Plus Two will undergo the programme that will help them grow up to be responsible citizens.

The programme will work in two phases – the first phase will involve sticking up posters outside the school heads’ rooms to strengthen the bonding between teachers and students. The objective is to prevent child abuse of all kinds.

The very posters will also be stuck in the 875 classrooms.

In the second phase, the programme will aim at developing soft skills in students. In addition to that, the programme will also address the issue of angry and impulsive retaliation from students – a major problem of today. Keeping this mind, the anger reversal techniques will be taught.

Students who fear examinations and are in need of counselling for behavioural problems will undergo a special counselling from a psychologist.

The release also says that Rotary West, Inner Wheel and other philanthropists will sponsor the programme.