During the monsoon season people should exercise utmost caution while handling electrical items, said Superintending Engineer, Nilgiris Electricity Distribution Circle, T. Haldorai.

If people came across wires snapped in wind and rain they should not immediately inform the Tangedco.

Structures should not be erected close to the overhead wires and wiring works should be entrusted with a licensed electrician. People should ensure that they purchased electrical goods that bear ISI mark. Broken switches should be replaced immediately. Switches should be out of reach of children.

TV antennae should be kept at a safe distance from over head high tension wires. Cable TV wires should also be far away. Stay wires should not be tied to electric posts. They should not be used to dry clothes.

Electrical and electronic items should be switched off when not in use.

Water should not be used to extinguish fires caused by short circuit.

During thunder and lightning, people should not be in the open and they should not use electrical appliances.