The busy and industrially active Tiruchengode Town in Namakkal District has already started to feel the heat of the water scarcity as a few hand pumps and power pumps have started going dry in Malaisuthi Road and Shanmugapuram – which are among the major areas in the town.

“There are a total of 205 power pumps and 177 hand pumps in Tiruchengode town to cater to the drinking water needs of the people in addition to the water pumped from River Cauvery for drinking water and other domestic needs.

“These pumps are 300 to 600 feet deep and 10 of them have already gone dry.

“Usually these pumps start going dry only in the month of March or April. But they are going dry very early this year due to the poor rainfall received in and around this town during the monsoon in 2012.

“This has raised concerns over the fate of the other pumps in the municipal limits as well. This situation has risen,” officials in the municipality said on condition of anonymity.

This could make drinking water supply during the summer tougher this year and has raised fears of water scarcity.

“The municipality owns two water tankers and is already making use of two more hired tankers since March 2012 to distribute water to the people.

“In a bid to tackle the situation better, the municipal council gave its approval to hire three more tankers on Tuesday to distribute water from February to May, 2013. A sum of Rs. 1.95 lakh has been set aside for this purpose. Tenders will be called for and distribution of water using these additional tankers is expected to begin during the second week of February,” they added.

Tiruchengode municipal council recently passed a resolution not to spend general funds allotted to that local body only for water supply-related schemes.