The Coimbatore District Rural Police have arrested eight persons and are on the look out for five more following a clash between two groups at Mettupalayam on Monday. According to sources, Abdul Salam alias Babu had lent an artificial gold plated chain to Karimedu Ananthan, who had not returned it for many days. Abdul Salam had taken up this issue with Karimedu Ananthan, which had led to a heated argument.

Following this, Karimedu Ananthan’s friend Thajuddin Mubarak intervened. Thajuddin Mubarak and his friends armed with sickles and knifes clashed with Abdul Salam and his associates at Mahadevapuram around 2 p.m. on Monday. This led to tension in the area.

The Mettupalayam Police arrested eight persons, including Abdul Salam and Thajuddin Mubarak, who sustained injuries.