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It is an attitude required for living in peace and harmony

A small diversion of investment towards green buildings opened a huge potentialWise use of power for domestic consumption neededArchitects are lead players in designing green buildings

CHENNAI: Over 75 architects and students of architecture on Wednesday gathered at the MEASI Academy of Architecture, New College, to study the need to construct green buildings. N. Altaf Ahmed, Director, MEASI Academy of Architecture, said that green buildings minimally disturbed landscape, used re-cycled, non-toxic and environment-friendly building materials, made efficient use of water and renewable energy sources and maintained quality of indoor air for safety and comfort.

With a national investment of Rs. 5,000 crore in construction of urban buildings, even a five per cent diversion towards green buildings opened a huge potential, he told a seminar on green buildings, sponsored by the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources and the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency.

D. Viswanathan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, said green buildings were no longer an idea, but an attitude required for living in peace and harmony. Nature's architects - bees and ants - build with biodegradable natural products from the sun's energy and merge back to nature. Anna University took initiative to create a green campus, he said.

R. Satapathy, Energy Secretary, said that out of 40,638 million units of power sold by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board last year, the domestic consumption was 11,083 million units, almost 28 per cent of the total energy sold. Wise use of power at home was needed, he said.

K. Allauddin, Chairman, Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency, highlighted the subsidy schemes for building projects using non-conventional energy sources.

Pocket guide

A pocket guide on 'Green Buildings' brought out by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Indian Green Building Council was distributed.

C.N. Raghavendra Rao, of C.R. Narayana Rao, said architects were lead players in designing green buildings. Problems occurred because of mindless consumption and slowness to react, loss of perspective on the past and future. "If the next war is fought, it will be on energy issues, " he said.