DHARMAPURI: Chief Minister Karunanidhi doubled the monthly grant for the children of government orphanages from Rs. 225 to Rs. 450. The grant was raised on the basis of the recommendation of the Collector, P. Amutha, said a press release issued here on Tuesday.

Ms. Amutha inspected the government orphanages in the district recently and found that children were given a paltry amount Rs. 225 per month, where as the students in Adi Dravidar and Backward Class Hostels are getting Rs. 400 per month.

Keeping in mind the insufficient grant to the children, Ms. Amutha recommended to the government to raise the monthly grant. Considering her recommendation, the Chief Minister enhanced the grant for the orphanage children to Rs. 450 and for adults to Rs. 550 from Rs. 300. As a result of this, government has to spend Rs. 1.49 crore a year. Children in the government orphanages thanked the government for the gesture, the release added.