School bridges gap between generations

MADURAI: It was an unusual scene at the Kendriya Vidyalaya at Narimedu here on Monday. Grandparents were playing with all enthusiasm and their grandchildren egging on their ‘thathas’ and ‘paatties’ to go for a win. The occasion was ‘Grandparents Meet’ that provided a gala time for the young and the old.

The concept of nuclear families has put an end to joint families besides distancing grandchildren from their grandparents. To facilitate grandchildren and grandparents to let down their guard and mingle in a jovial way, the school organised the meet, said Principal V. Rajagopal.

“If the children want to lead a blessed life, they should live with their grandparents,” he said and added that the school had planned to make the meet an annual affair as per the directions of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

The moment a game got over, the elders took refuge under a shady tree and searched for their grandchildren who were sitting on either side of the stadium. The children performed cultural programmes to entertain the elders.

The NCC wing of the school involved the grandparents in planting tree saplings. Forty saplings were planted on the school premises.

Addressing the gathering, Valli Annamalai, a social worker and grandmother, said that “though old people are forced to live out of the way of the young ones, it is our duty to teach our grandchildren moral values which had been relegated to the background owing to the recently acquired lifestyle of our children.” She said that it was the duty of grandparents to teach life skills to their grandchildren as many paid no heed to their parents’ advice.

It was good that such an event was organised among children so that they would understand the importance of old people and respect them, said R. Dhanalakshmi, one of the grandparents. “It is timely and appropriate,” said P. Rajakannu, adding that children were forced to address elders as ‘kizhavan’ or ‘kizhavi,’ picking up from films. Through events like this, they would also learn the importance of giving respect to elders.

It was a moving occasion as one could see many ‘thathas’ and ‘paatties’ in tears while thanking the school profusely for the event.