By meeting their daily fuel needs from private petrol pumps

Government buses operated from the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) depots in this district – from Namakkal, Tiruchengode and Rasipuram depots – are saving a total Rs. 2.75 lakh a day over the last few days by filling fuel in the private pumps, from Sunday.

Informed sources said that the 290 government buses – 142 town buses and 148 moffusil buses – operated from these depots require about 27,500 litres of diesel every day.

The 130 buses operated by Namakkal depot (59 town and 71 moffusil buses) consume about 12,000 litres of diesel every day.

These buses filled fuel in the depot at Rs. 49.50 per litre and this was cheaper than its price in private bunks (Rs. 50.63) by Rs. 1.13 per litre.

With the Government of India lifting the subsidy for the fuel, its price in the depot has drastically gone up by Rs. 11.66 per litre as it now priced at Rs. 61.16.

Contrarily the price hike in the private fuel stations is only 56 paise per litre, and it is fixed at Rs. 51.19 – about Rs. 10 lesser than the price at which the depot is dispensing a litre of diesel, they noted.

Officials said that the government buses started filling fuel in private bunks based on oral instructions from top TNSTC authorities.

“We were able to save about Rs. 4.8 lakh in four days, despite the additional expense of about Rs. 20,000 a day – as the present price is Rs. 1.69 more per litre compared to the earlier price at which it was dispensed in the depot. Filling fuel in private bunks will help the depot save more than Rs. 35 lakh a month,” they added.

It is learnt that the Rasipuram depot comes second in saving money by filling fuel in the private petrol bunks.

The 90 buses (48 town and 42 moffusil buses) operated from this depot require about 9,000 litres of fuel every day and they are able to save about Rs. 90,000 a day.

The 70 buses operated by Tiruchengode Depot (35 moffusil and an equal number of town buses) need about 6,500 litres a day and the depot is able to save Rs. 65,000 a day.

“Continuing to fill fuel in the private stations the TNSTC depots in Namakkal will be able to save more than Rs. 80 lakh a month,” they said.