Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: The Tamil Nadu Government Employees Union (TNGEU) has dubbed the contents in the Governor's speech on the floor of the Assembly on Friday as a "bundle of disappointment".

Talking to reporters, State president of TNGEU K. Balasubramanian said that the Government servants had been demanding restoration of all benefits, which was taken away in 2001 citing financial constraints as the reason, when the AIADMK Government took over. The State Government restored some of the benefits.

The Government employees were anticipating announcement of bonus for Pongal (which they were enjoying for more than a decade), merger of 50 per cent dearness allowance with the basic, surrender of 15 days of earned leave in lieu of salary (now seven days of earned leave surrender has been restored), lifting of ban on recruitments since the workload had increased manifold in most of the departments and regularisation of contract workers and those on consolidated pay scale.

Their demands

The other demands in respect of terminal benefits included restoration of the practice of treating the last pay drawn as the average for calculating pension, treating 30 years of service as 33 years for calculating pension and computation of 40 per cent as pension.

The Governor's address had only a mention about disbursement of 4 per cent DA that too with effect from January 1, 2006 whereas the TNGEU was demanding the same with retrospective effect from July 1, 2005. Every time the Centre revised the DA rates, the State Government employees were denied of it and after persistent demand it was given after inordinate delay.

A delayed pension disbursement without retrospective effect always resulted in huge loss for the Government servants, he added.

Already the TNGEU has announced a demonstration in front of all the Collectorates on January 19 demanding restoration of status quo in respect of benefits they enjoyed in 2001.