Coimbatore Consumer Cause (CCC) has urged the Home Department to come out with a clarification for various names given for town/city bus services especially in the wake of the fare structures fixed “without approval from the competent authorities”.

For example, buses are just given boards naming them as Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Limited Stop Service (LSS), and Point to Point Services. There were no definitions for these services, said K. Kathirmathiyon, Secretary of CCC.

In a town/city bus services where nearly sixty people stand and travel for a short distance of three to 30 km, the question of deluxe, super deluxe and semi-deluxe does not arise. There is no rationale behind naming buses with these names and collecting an additional fare.

In addition, there are no such definitions or classifications in the Motor Vehicle Rules, which has a provision only for ordinary services.

Considering the rising cost of fuel, automobile spare parts and cost of operations including maintenance and salaries, the State could straight away go in for a nominal hike in fare, rather than “allowing the authorities to resort to such self-styled practices”, Mr.Kathirmathiyon said.

If the authorities failed to end such practices, the CCC would move the court seeking directions to the Government to make the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation abide by the Motor Vehicle Rules.