The Tamil Nadu government has approved the draft project report on the Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System (IF & HRMS), aimed at computerization of the Department of Treasuries and Accounts at a cost of Rs.167.45 crores.

As per the G.O. (Ms.) No.400 of the Finance (Treasuries and Accounts-III) Department, dated October 10, 2013, the Department of Treasuries and Accounts has been identified as a Mission Mode Project implementing department in computerizing the treasuries.

In the Policy Note of Finance Department for the financial year 2013-14, it was proposed to implement the IF & HRMS for the effective and efficient functioning of government by integrating management of both financial and human resources. It shall take care of activities of the Finance Department right from preparation of budget to receipt of compiled accounts of the State by bringing the Department of Treasuries and Accounts, other departments online and ensuring real time updation of government financial transactions. It will also take care of the human resource component (including pension) by reducing the workload and associated drudgery at various levels besides making it paperless and provide a hassle-free environment for transactions with and within the Finance Department / Treasury Department / other departments and thereby to ensure robust management of the State finances.

M/s. Accenture Services Private Ltd., Chennai has been appointed as consulting agency to study the existing system in Finance, Treasuries & Accounts Department and Human Resource Administration of the State Government and formulate proposal for the IF & HRMS.

The objectives of the project include improvement of efficiencies at the state level by looking at the macro level orchestration of back office functions, suitable back office automation framework making it more service-oriented to the stake holders, building transparency and accountability in the system to elevate the standards of services, minimization of turn-around time of services, leverage of IT for expeditious receipt and accounting of money in the government exchequer, ensuring proper budgeting of receipts and proper monitoring of ways and means and development of a robust security infrastructure to maintain safety, authenticity and confidentiality of transactions.

The IF & HRMS would be implemented in the Finance Department, Treasuries and all user departments and it would bring core treasury and resource management functions into one unified system. The proposed system will be based on a centralised architecture, where all the servers will be hosted at a central location, i.e., Data Centre (with replication at Disaster Recovery and Near Disaster Recovery) and all the users will access the application using either Internet or Intranet at the departmental offices.

The project is to be implemented in two phases. In Phase I, all processes will be taken care of. In Phase II, the processes like implementation of forecasting & business intelligence tools, incorporation of MTEF (Medium Term Expenditure Framework), MTFF (Medium Term Fiscal Framework) and other guidelines, provision for a payment aggregator/payment gateway, human resource management (except employee database, pay roll processing), pensioners’ grievance redressal, calculation of daily cash position, and digitization of strong room records will be taken up.

An implementation partner will be engaged through an open tender process to implement the proposed system. The selected vendor will be responsible for implementation of the system and management of IT infrastructure for a period of five years after the state-wide roll of the project in 20 months.

  • Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd., appointed as consulting agency

  • The system will bring core treasury and resource management functions into one unified system.

  • The department has been identified as a Mission Mode Project implementing one in computerising treasuries.