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‘More than 5,000 families are dependent on them for their livelihood’

Hosur: Members of Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam (TNVS) led by president M.R. Sivasamy staged a demonstration in front of the taluk office here on Tuesday urging the State Government not to acquire fertile lands for setting up the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Krishnagiri district.

They said that the Government had identified lands in an expanse of 3230 acres for setting up the SEZ. Lands for the proposed SEZ have been identified in four panchayats including Bairamangalam, Sanamau, Akondapalli and Kundamaranapalli. They demanded the Government not to take over the land as more than 5000 families were dependent on it for their livelihood.

The Government’s move has led to a sudden increase in prices of land in the neighbouring panchayats. As a result land prices have touched an all time high of Rs.50 lakhs per acre when compared with the previous years

In addition the land being highly fertile was suitable for cultivation of vegetables and other crops, which were sent throughout the State and to neighbouring Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The Department of Agriculture in Krishnagiri had already certified the land as highly fertile.

Instead of taking possession of agricultural land the Government can acquire Porombok land, which was located nearby for establishment of the proposed SEZ. The Government should set up the SEZ in an alternative place for the benefit of small and marginal farmers they claimed.