Corporation receives over 10,000 queries in three days

In just three days after the launch of its 51913 SMS service, the Chennai Corporation has received over 10,000 queries from voters.

Soon after the launch by Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla on Tuesday, 1,745 people sent text messages (SMS) on whether their names are on the electoral rolls.

On the next day, the number of text messages was 7,394 and 1,700 messages were received till Thursday afternoon.

According to Chennai Corporation officials, on the first two days, there were over 1,000 SMSs from residents of other districts and around 1,400 did not conform to the stipulated format.

As draft electoral rolls have been displayed at designated locations, the civic body has also received over 7,300 Form-6 applications for name inclusion, 487 Form-8 for correction of details, 487 Form-8A seeking change of address and 40 Form-7 to remove names from the rolls.

“This is only the number of application forms received at zonal offices. We will be receiving more applications from post offices and other designated locations till the July 16. After that, the database will be updated and booth-level officers will verify the details. Based on such verification, we will either accept or reject the applications,” said an official.

  • Over 7,000 applications for name inclusion received
  • Database to be updated after July 16