He wrote his first resume at 14 and it turned out to be his last. For Bangalore-based Suhas Gopinath, co-founder and CEO of multinational IT company, ‘Globals Inc' has only received job applications ever since he co-founded the company and turned the world's youngest CEO.

“Don't expect your educational institution to function as a placement agency. It is a launch pad and not a place to secure your bank balance. It is up to you to acquire skills and look out for opportunities,” he said speaking at the launch of Globals IT Finishing School during the annual day of the Shivani School of Business Management here on Tuesday.

Expressing his excitement in addressing students of his age, the 24-year-old-magnate foisted entrepreneurship as a rewarding alternative for students, “Being an entrepreneur means you are your own boss and you have the freedom to innovate. But the best part is that you add value to society by offering others employment.”

Mr. Gopinath traced how he built the corporation from scratch, from its genesis at an internet café in Bangalore. Self-tutored to build websites, he approached American firms, but his resumes were rejected on the basis of age. Determined not to take no for an answer, Mr. Gopinath connived to build a company of his own, but age again stood in the way, as Indian laws do not permit minors to start companies. Globals Inc was co-founded as a U.S based company with the help of an American friend. Since the commencement of Indian operations, the focus has shifted to Research and Development, and innovations in healthcare and education, Mr.Goipnath said.

IT finishing school launched

The Globals IT finishing school was launched to enhance employment opportunities of engineering students. The first initiative in Tamil Nadu, the certification course in mobile and web 2.0 application development intends to bridge the gap between academics and industry, by providing training in high-end computer applications like cloud computing, virtualisation and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). While internships would be offered at Globals Inc or its partner companies in India and abroad, career opportunities with international software applications corporations would be made feasible.

Globals Inc, one of the ICT partners of World Bank, has launched the finishing school under the World Bank skill development initiative in making youth employable in IT and ITES sector. “IT is an agile industry. But as institutions are unable to match industry expectations, companies have to invest in six months of skill training which in upscaling freshers, though attrition rate is poor. The finishing school would impart identified skill sets to make students industry-ready,” Mr. Gopinath toldThe Hindu, adding that second and third tier colleges were priorities.

P.Selvaraj, Chairman, Shivani Group of Institutions presided. S.Vigneshwaran, Secretary; E.Ramasamy, Director; R.Rajendiran, Registrar; N.Subramanian, Director, Vibrant International Training and Consulting, the training partner for management students, was among those present.