District Collector Darez Ahmed has urged farmers to accord some attention to marketing too.

Speaking at the pre-season camp organised to enlighten farmers on new technologies at the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank at Kurumbalur here on Tuesday, he pointed out that the agriculturists tend to lose out on substantial profits because they choose to sell their produce in a hurry. For instance, he said, Perambalur district contributed 30 per cent to the State’s cotton production.

“But since the farmers tend to sell their produce to the traders at the earliest possible opportunity they get poor price apart from suffering from low weighment. Thus they tend to lose the benefit of their strain.”

The Collector said the district regulated market at Perambalur had been extremely helpful to farmers and cotton was sold for Rs.4, 500 per quintal last year. Besides, the farmers are provided loan against the produce. Apart from ensuring correct weight , a godown is provided to farmers for storing their produce.

As a number of merchants from various districts take part in the auction, agriculturists are able to get remunerative price . Hence, it is imperative that the farming community should accord some attention to marketing too . Dr.Ahmed appealed to the farmers to adopt drip irrigation for which 100 per cent subsidy is granted. He requested them to visit the fields of those who have opted for this method of micro-irrigation.

For instance, he pointed out that Muthusamy, a farmer, who has adopted drip irrigation is able to make substantial profits .

Those who spoke included Ilambai R.Tamilselvan, MLA, R.Kavimani, head of the Cotton Research Station, Veppanthattai, and P.Marudhai, chairman, Perambalur panchayat union.

Perambalur district contributed 30 per cent to the State’s total cotton production