Inaugurating the exhibition, Dhandapani, District Tourism Officer, suggested schools and colleges conduct art exhibitions to educate children about art.

The Tourism department would consider holding a similar event to encourage local artists, he noted.

Along with books, one can gift paintings for birthdays, weddings and festive occasions to encourage artists, suggested Ponnilango, director, Jenneys Academy.

The exhibition was an initiative to highlight places of historical, architectural and cultural importance in and around Tiruchi district, said Mr.Suresh. “The exhibition presents well-known paintings in a new light, kindling the urge to revisit them,” said Jawahar, chairman, Builders Association of India- Tiruchi chapter.

Home decor

By making such paintings part of the home decor, people can bring back memories of places close to the heart, said G.Ravichandran, chairman, Tiruchi Travel Federation. Senior artiste Vadivelu was honoured by the United Painters Association.

The exhibition is on till January 13 at Vasantham Hall in Hotel Sangam.