Sruthi Krishnan

CHENNAI: From composting to do-it-your-way mugs, here are some gift ideas to add zing to your Deepavali.

To demonstrate your love and your lifelong commitment to a greener environment, go for the kambha. A concept developed in Bangalore, this three-pot-set helps composting at home. Kitchen waste morphs into usable manure. “It is an excellent Deepavali gift. You won’t need plastic bins again,” says Navneeth Raghavan (Phone: 98400 82607), from whom you can buy the kambha priced at Rs.750.

Ms. Raghavan has other ideas to make Deepavali greener. A landscape artist, she says that plants can make a great gift. From a Tulsi sapling to augur prosperity to an almost-maintenance-free money-plant, there are various options to choose from. Any nursery in the city, such as the Agri-Horticultural Society at Cathedral Road, can help you out.

If you want to add that special personal touch, ‘Dil Se Bol’ ( is the URL to visit. This Chennai-based company offers you T-shirts, mugs, mouse-pads, posters and beer mugs to let your imagination romp. And, the list does not stop here. “Burn a CD and get the CD cover custom designed with a favourite artist picture and quote. You can even create your own customised shoes with your colour scheme and design on it!” says Ravi Kumar, one of the founders of Dil Se Bol.

A customised T-shirt would cost you Rs.299, mug is for Rs.199, magic mug (pour hot water and colour changes!) is for Rs.450 and mousepads are for Rs.150.

Fine print warning: shipping and taxes extra.

To give a helping hand for those who want to rise above material goods, try some myrrh-scented candles. Naturally Auroville Boutique in Nungambakkam (2833 0517) has a gift pack for meditation uses. It comes with a scented candle and incense holder in scents such as champak and rose (Rs.345).

Floral sachets, floral incense sticks, potpourri and floating candles come packed at Rs.497. Three small candles in a set will cost you Rs.196.

If the realm of your gift ideas is too large to fit into Chennai, fear not.

There is more, just a click away. For instance, there is the USB-charged head massager – plug-in and de-stress. If only gifting were that simple!