: With the availability of water for irrigation has become a major problem now following monsoon failures, Collector C. Samayamoorthy has urged the farmers to switch over to latest irrigation techniques with attractive subsidies while saving huge quantity of water.

In a statement, Mr. Samayamoorthy said successive monsoon failure and consequent severe drop in the groundwater table in the district had collectively compelled the farmers to shift to drip irrigation and sprinkler systems that save huge quantity of water while ensuring desirable yield.

The State Government, which gave a maximum subsidy of Rs.43,816 till last year, has increased the grant to Rs.1.85 lakh for cultivating vegetables on two hectares.

Under the micro irrigation section, the district will get subsidy for installing micro irrigation systems on 1,090 hectare.

While small and marginal farmers can get 100 per cent subsidy for cultivating the crops on 872 hectares with micro irrigation systems, big farmers will get 75 per cent grant for their farming operations on 218 hectares.

Small and marginal farmers will get Rs. 1.85 lakh for vegetable cultivation with drip irrigation, Rs. 1.23 lakh for banana, Rs. 51,438 for mango, Rs. 32,323 for coconut and Rs. 44,387 for lemon and amla cultivation.

Aspiring farmers may contact the Horticulture Officer or Assistant Director of Horticulture concerned to register their names by producing certificate recognizing the applicant as small or marginal farmer, family card, computer patta, land sketch copy and the estimate provided by the drip irrigation system supplier, Mr. Samayamoorthy said.