The price of garlic has come down to an all-time low at the retail market here bringing joy to consumers.

The priceof benchmark quality garlic is between Rs.25 and Rs.30 per kg. Small and medium sized garlic is available from Rs.15 to Rs. 20 per kg.

According to a report, the number of lorries bringing garlic has been gradually increasing in the last couple of weeks, forcing traders to adopt attractive methods to sell garlic to retailers and consumers.

A number of seasonal traders from Villupuram, Cuddalore, Tindivanam and other towns have arrived here with mini-door lorries fitted with public address system.

Seasonal traders have also opened roadside shops to sell garlic. Traders said that the current prices had hit an all-time low. Garlic was not sold less than Rs.50 per kg during the last 10 years.

“The low prices have made us hire mini-lorries to sell garlic as quickly as possible. The mandate is to dump garlic in almost all households. We are getting good response. We sell five kg of garlic at Rs.100. Consumers buy in big quantities. I think there will be no need for them to buy garlic for the next one year,” said K. Nagarajan, a seasonal trader from Villupuram camping in Puducherry.

Market sources said that the price of garlic was steady until May .

It was around Rs.75 a kg. However, the price started coming down below Rs.50 a kg after that. The arrival of garlic to the market was three times more than actual demand.

The prices had fallen steeply because of the bumper crop in the country as well as in China.

The trend might continue for a few more months.