Probe ‘13 at National Institute of Technology-Tiruchi (NIT-T) this week-end will serve as a platform for tomorrow’s engineers to amplify ideas, the organising team of ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) Association has promised.

Friday and Saturday will witness students connecting with great minds through participation in guest lectures, expanding horizons of thinking at enlightening workshops, and taking part in technology-driven fun events. ‘Missile systems and miniaturisation’, ‘energy research and assistive technology engineering’, ‘sensing the world around us (with a thin strand of glass)’, and ‘micro-controllers for safety applications’ constitute the topics for the guest lectures by experts. Workshops on the latest in ECE technology will throw light on audio signal processing using Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench, programmable system on chip, ATMEL-embedded system design, and computer-controlled robotics.

As for events, ‘bulls eye’ boasts a labyrinth of subtle connections woven with the objective of taking a dig at how much of technology the average engineer can derive from the ubiquitous Google, nearby friend and his own mental faculties, and ‘electrogyan’ will test the technical acumen and conceptual understanding of the best among the madding crowd with a fusillade of questions that will cover areas ranging from digital, analog to signal processing, while ‘matrix’ will require teams to coordinate and concoct algorithms to accomplish the tasks based on signal processing.