The Veterinary College and Research Institute here has received Rs.85 lakh for popularising backyard country chicken rearing among the farmers of the district.

During an informal chat with the reporters here on Wednesday, S. Prathaban, Dean, VC and RI, Tirunelveli, said the country chicken rearing was getting popular among the farmers which would ensure additional revenue for them.

Since the State Government had allocated Rs.85 lakh for this purpose, the VC and RI, in its hatcheries, would prepare the chicks to be distributed to the farmers.

“A series of lectures through the All India Radio on backyard country chicken rearing will be aired by Tirunelveli Station on Wednesdays during ‘Uzhavar Ulagam’ programme between 7.25 p.m. and 7.35 p.m.,” he said. The State Government had sanctioned Rs. 65 lakh for taking up fodder on 40 acres of land on the VC and RI complex and hence the fodder seeds could be produced and given to the farmers to feed their cattle.

“We’ll start the fodder seed distribution from next month onwards,” Dr. Prathaban said.

The VC and RI, now at Sripuram, would shortly move to the sprawling campus at Ramaiyanpatti.