Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Delegates at the 19th All India Conference of the Indian Society for Cultural Co-operation and Friendship (ISCUF) on Wednesday vowed to conquer the world by sending a bouquet of flowers to everyone for promoting friendship and securing peace.

Delivering the inaugural address at three-day conference, former Supreme Court Judge S. Mohan said: “Today, the world is in peril as we are faced with global terrorism. It will kill all human beings. There is terrorism in a country on account of greed, to conquer people and to establish supremacy over others. ISCUF is doing a good job of extending friendship. Friendship will conquer everyone.”

Mr. Justice Mohan said that a war had to be waged against terrorism and diseases to ensure a better place for people to live in.

In his message, ISCUF president of honour V.R. Krishna Iyer said that the most urgent item on the agenda of the world was how to secure peace and comradeship among people. To mark the occasion, Mr. Mohan released the conference souvenir and the first copy was received by D.R. Balakrishnaraja, chairman, B.K.R group of educational institutions.