Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: After potable water, it is fresh air that Chennaites are willing to pay for.

Many Chennaiites are now recharging homes and offices with a container that is touted to release shots of fresh air into the surroundings.

The PurerAire water-based air revitalising units are sourced from Singapore and use a German patented herbal concentrate.

The hydro-filtration technique at a churn of 2,900 rpm produces a scrubbing effect inside the container bowl leading to the release of revitalised air into the surrounding.

"Our clientele are primarily those working long hours in air-conditioned offices," said P.A. Rupert Ratnaiya, Managing Director, Royale Aire International India.

The unit's supposed benefits are elimination of indoor air pollutants and biological agents such as bacteria and fungi.

The basic air revitaliser model can be got for Rs.3,500. Another version of the revitaliser is priced at Rs.5,000. A unit can serve an area of 300 sqft.

Popular fragrances such as lavender, eucalyptus, lime and northern pine have been blended into the solutions.

Royale Aire can be reached at 044 - 24997334.