To mark World Hepatitis Day (WHD), Global Health City organised a free hepatitis B screening and medical camp at Elliot’s beach and Vandalur Zoo.

The theme for WHD 2013 – ‘This is hepatitis. Know it. Confront it’ – emphasises the fact that hepatitis remains largely unknown as a health threat in most parts of the world. Millions live with viral hepatitis and many more are at risk of contracting it.

On the occasion, Dinesh Jothimani, senior consultant liver transplant physician, Global Health City, said, “Chronic viral hepatitis is a ‘silent killer’. People do not develop any symptoms until late in their illness. Therefore, most of them who carry the virus do not know they have it, until their liver becomes completely scarred leading to cirrhosis”

One in 12 people around the world carries or has had hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus. Approximately, 4 in 100 Indians are infected with Hepatitis B virus and 1 in 100 Indians are infected with Hepatitis C virus.