Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Egineering college is conducting a 10 days free training camp for 12th passed students with good engineering cut off. Madurai region students and graduates are considered least for placement in campus recruitments with the reason that they are not employable. The core problem for this is the lack of awareness and knowledge about the importance of areas like communication skills, soft skills and Employability. Industry is looking for creative thinkers with leadership quality to initiate activities. As the students are not well prepared in schools to balance academic activity and these extra activity they are not able to do anything after entering colleges.

Pandian Saraswathi Yadav engineering college is addressing this problem with a 10 days program for students which will have 3 parts Basic English, Basic Mathematics and Employability skills. In this the employability section will be handled by Industry CEOs and HRs and will address the questions like what is employability and how to develop the qualities expected by the industry.

This program starts on 9th June and ends on 18th June. It will be conducted in college campus and the free transport facility will be given . Some classes will be conducted in outdoors. Its completely free and students need to apply to the Admin office at Narayanapuram or can send email to or online registration at or call 98421 02628 in with their 12th cut off marks and English marks.

P. Varadharajan Managing Director