In a highway robbery, a four-member gang waylaid a lorry at Iruvelpattu near here, attacked the driver and took away Rs 2.40 lakh in cash from him in the early hours on Sunday.

When the robbers were speeding past the toll gate at Vellaiyur in a car, the Highway Patrol Police got a tip-off and chased the vehicle. After a while the car stopped and the occupants, in an attempt to escape from the police, disembarked and ran out.

The police personnel caught hold of all the four and recovered from them the entire cash amount of Rs.2.40 lakh. During investigation, the culprits confessed to the crime and also told the police where they had dropped the lorry driver.

The police rushed to the spot and rescued driver Raghu. Mr Raghu told the police that he used to take lorry load of eggs from Namakkal to a trader in Chennai. After delivering the commodity, he got the payment of Rs 2.40 lakh and bundled the money in newspaper and kept it underneath his seat.

When the lorry was nearing the Iruvelpattu seed farm near Thiruvennainallur, a car came in the way and halted suddenly, forcing him to stop the lorry with a jerk. Later, the occupants of the car got down and damaged the windscreens of the lorry with iron rods.

They got into the cabin, threw chilli powder on his face, tied him up with a rope and pushed him on the road side. Later, they took away the cash bundle and sped from the spot.

Another lorry driver who happened to pass by that side alerted the Highway Patrol who quickly swung into action and captured all the four robbers after a hot chase. Later, the IG told the presspersons that the four offenders were identified as P.Periasamy (23) and K.Kandasamy (25) of Kavarapatti in Pudukottai district, and, P.Ramesh (28) and K.Chandran (28) of Mudalapattu in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

In fact, the former two were earlier employed with the egg trader but following a wage dispute they were dropped from the employment. They seemed to be fully aware of the transactions details of the trader.