Eight months after an unidentified youth was found dead in a well in Austinpatti, the district police on Tuesday solved the case and arrested four Sri Lankan nationals on charge of his murder.

The deceased has been identified as Prem Anand (26) of Perambalur, who was working in Choolaimedu in Chennai. The accused – J. Rajkumar (26), C. Stephen (29), S. Mahendran (36) and M. Durai (34) – all inmates of the Sri Lankan Refugee camp at Uchapatti were remanded to judicial custody.

The Austinpatti police had registered a case of suspicious death after they recovered the body from a well on February 13, 2013. Meanwhile, the Choolaimedu police had registered a man missing case on March 28.

Recently, the Chennai police got a vital clue from the missing person’s friend that led to the solving of the case. Prem Anand had given his friend the phone number of a person in Madurai. The police zeroed in on the suspect, the Superintendent of Police, V. Balakrishnan, said.

Prem Anand had befriended a married woman through a social website, the Tirunagar Inspector of Police, P. Palani, said. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband, Stephen, got wind of the woman’s friendship with a stranger. When Prem Anand visited the woman here in December, her brother Rajkumar, and Stephen had warned him against continuing his friendship with the woman.

However, the youth did not heed to their warning.

Meanwhile, Rajkumar conspired with Stephen and invited Prem Anand to Madurai on the pretext of seeking help from him (Prem Anand) to find a job abroad for one of his relatives, the Inspector said.

When the youth came to Madurai, Rajkumar along with Stephen and two others beat him up and dashed his head against the parapet wall of a well.

Then they threw him down into the well.