Staff Reporter

COIMBATORE: Most parents do not know when to say ‘No’ to their children, says S. Tamilselvi, psychotherapist, Asha Counselling Centre. They have problems communicating with their children, especially teenaged ones.

At a workshop organised for parents by Asha Counselling Centre recently, a number of parents expressed interest in following up their case and going back to the centre for guidance. Some even suggested the need to have a common platform for talking about the basic challenges of parenting.

Recognising this need, the centre has formed a ‘Support Group’ for parents. The idea behind the group is to provide a support-base and a common platform for parents to meet, discuss and learn about better parenting skills, strategies and experiences.

With the concept of nuclear families having caught on and young couples becoming increasingly career conscious, support from parents and other family members in raising children is decreasing, observes Dr. Tamilselvi. The two-hour session on a weekday in the first week of every month, gives the parents space to talk about their problems, suggest solutions and experiment with new strategies in dealing with their children. Though the group essentially targets parents of children between 6 and 12 years of age, any parent can join the group.

A team of experts handles the sessions, which also include psychosocial counselling. To join the group, call 2310520.