Tamil medical literature has documented the food habits and clothing habits to be followed by the people during summer, according to T. Anandan, Director, Central Siddha Research Institute, Chennai.

Participating in a free Siddha and Homeopathy camp organised by the Suryodaya Aided Elementary School in Gudiyatham recently, Dr. Anandan said that during summer, people should apply sandal to their body and take oil bath regularly. Besides, they should avoid exposure to the hot sun, and wear slippers and cap during travel in the sun.

The appropriate food and beverages include ragi and green gram porridge and cool drinks in order to avoid chicken pox. They should wear only light cotton and other clothes, which easily absorb the perspiration.

Dr. Anandan treated 198 patients on the occasion.

A free Siddha and Homoeopathy camp was organised by a school at Gudiyatham