“Identify resource persons to conduct training for faculty of all courses”

Academic Staff Colleges need to improve by providing innovative new courses and focus on catering for part-time and contractual teachers as the objective was to improve the quality of teaching in colleges, said Chandra Krishnamurthy, Vice-Chancellor, Pondicherry University.

At the valedictory function of two refresher courses in Tamil and Material Sciences at the Academic Staff College (ASC) here on Monday, she said the ASCs at present did not possess refresher courses for all courses and steps should be taken to identify resource persons and conduct training programme for all faculty and all courses.

Additionally, the University Grants Commission needs to monitor the ASCs and identify those that utilised their funds completely and offered quality training to their faculty. The colleges that manage to use up their funds should be given further grants from either the UGC or University, she said.

On the nature of higher education, she stressed on the need for student-centric education. Institutions should encourage teachers to focus on students.

Parameters such as student success and course completion rate should be measured and special incentives given to teachers who achieve high rates of student success, she emphasised.

Speaking on the need for technology in education, Ms. Krishnamurthy said that technology should be used to improve access to higher education. Earlier, projects she spearheaded like the Education on Wheels and mobile education drives had used technology to enable people who did not have the means or time to pursue education. Similarly, the Pondicherry University should utilise technology to help people.

Vice-Chancellor of the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University V. Vijayakumar; Director of Studies M. Ramadass, Director of Doordarshan Kendra, Coimbatore; Andal Priyadarshini and Ramana Fellow IIT (Madras) P.T. Manoharan spoke.

“Identify resource persons to conduct training for faculty of all courses”