: The Agriculture Department has launched a “paddy crop mitigation technology campaign” in the rain water-inundated areas of Tiruvarur district.

According to a release from T.Natesan, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Thiruthuraipoondi, after the flood water has receded, farmers are advised to thin the excess seedlings and plant the same in the gap which was caused due to stagnation of flood water.

Then top dressing should be undertaken with 22 kg of urea mixed with four kg of neem cake, 18 kg of gypsum and 17 kg of potash for every acre. In some pockets, micronutrient deficiency was noticed due to inundation.

In order to alleviate the deficiency, two kg of urea, one kg of zinc sulphate, 150 gm of copper sulphate and 100 gm of Borax should be dissolved in 200 litres of water and sprayed over one acre of paddy crop.

In a bid to focus on these, the Department has planned to organise a village-level flood- affected paddy crop management campaign in all the villages.

On Wednesday, K. Elangovan, Joint Director of Agriculture, Tiruvarur, participated in the campaign organised at Thiruthuraipoondi in which more than 200 farmers were present.

He explained the technology and the special package programme introduced by the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for the benefit of Cauvery delta farmers.

Deputy Director of Agriculture, Tiruvarur, K. Mayilvahanan, also took part in the campaign.

Farmers advised to thin excess seedlings and plant the same in the gap caused due to stagnation of water