Special Correspondent

COIMBATORE: Indian flight (IC 657) from New Delhi was grounded here on Monday following a technical snag. The flight is operated in the New Delhi- Mumbai- Coimbatore-Kozhikode sector.

Area Marketing Manager of Indian M. Selvaraj said the flight did not take off to Kozhikode after its arrival from Mumbai this morning as the engine developed trouble in starting.


The flight was grounded and passengers bound for Kozhikode were sent by car.

All the 136 passengers in the return direction from here had been accommodated in various hotels in the city.

Technicians would arrive from New Delhi early on Tuesday to carry out repairs. All these passengers would leave by this flight to Mumbai and New Delhi if the repairs were carried out.

If not, they would be routed through Bangalore to their respective destinations.

The re-routing would have to be done as the usual flight at 2.10 p.m. on Tuesday was full, Mr. Selvaraj said.